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ILCA-IPLCA-CBG Turf Education Day (TED) - Chicago Botanic Garden
Formerly Lawn Care Education Day

The premier annual event for turf professionals.

Presented by:

  • Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (ILCA)
  • Illinois Professional Lawn Care Association (IPLCA)
  • Chicago Botanic Garden (CBG)

The numbers don't lie:

  • 167 people attended in 2011. 208 people attended in 2011. 230 people attended in 2012.
  • 94% of the attendees surveyed at the 2012 Turf Education Day rated the event "Good" to "Excellent."
  • 100% said they would attend another Turf Education Day in 2013. 0% said they would not attend again.
  • 82% said the fee was a great value for the quality of the facility, food and educational programming.

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September 13, 2013
Chicago Botanic Garden
1000 Lake Cook Road
Glencoe, IL 60022
8:00am - 3:15pm

2013 Premier Sponsor:


Brian Winkel
Syngenta Professional Products
835 Myers Road, Sugar Grove, IL 60554
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Fax: (630) 466-3784

2013 Sponsors:

Autumn Tree/Savalawn

BioGreen Organic

National Seed

Hammortree Financial

PBI Gordon


Russo Power Equipment

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The ILCA, in conjunction with the Illinois Professional Lawn Care Association and Chicago Botanic Garden invite you to attend the 5th Annual Turf Education Day, September 13th 2013 at the Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe, Illinois. The three organizations have come together for an unprecendented 1-day overview of lawn and turf care. Attendees will have their choice of over 15 educational sessions.

Turf care is a big part of many of our businesses. Whether you choose to subcontract some of those services, or provide them in-house, it is critical to your businesses profitability and your customer’s satisfaction to stay informed about the latest turf care products, equipment, and practices. Here’s a quick look at some of the things you’ll learn.

5th Annual Turf Education Day Agenda:

Turf Education Day is for public and private lawn care professionals. Sessions with content that would be enjoyed by a government/municipal/park district audience are denoted with this symbol.
All sessions can be enjoyed by private sector lawn care professionals.



Welcome and Introductions

  • Kris Jarantoski, Executive Vice President and Director, Chicago Botanic Garden
  • Charlie Keppel, The Care of Trees and President, Illinois Landscape Contractors Association
  • Scott Grams – Executive Director, Illinois Landscape Contractors Association
  • Norm Kleber - EnCap Professional Products and IPLCA Past President
  • Mark Utendorf – Emerald Lawn Care and IPLCA President


8:30am -9:15am

Past Events and Future Tactics
Aaron J. Patton, Purdue University

Dr. Aaron Patton of Purdue University will be here to take a look back at some recent events including 2012-2013 weather and Imprelis issues. He will discuss how we can position ourselves for future success by selecting and planting resilient turf as well as making sure that we have all the right tools at our disposal.

Dr. Patton’s primary responsibility is to develop and deliver educational programs to the turfgrass industry of Indiana and the Midwest. Therefore, he is also actively involved in applied research and helps to maintain a high quality undergraduate program. The core Turfgrass Science Program includes 6 faculty, 4 professional staff, 5-10 graduate students and 1 clerical staff. In addition, up to 4 more faculty and several upper level AP staff work closely with the program. As part of the Purdue Turf Team, Dr. Patton fills a role as a leader of the applied research and Extension/outreach efforts. Dr. Patton has administrative responsibility for the W.H. Daniel Turfgrass Research and Diagnostic Center. Dr. Patton supervises the Center’s manager, coordinates external funding and donations for the Center and is responsible for long-term strategic planning for the facility and repair and rehabilitation funds. The Daniel Center is used by approximately 4,000 people annually including programs by academic departments, intercollegiate athletics, and industry in addition to the Extension and teaching activities of the Turf Team.

Dr. Patton is also Executive Director of the Midwest Regional Turf Foundation (MRTF), which was created in 1945 with the mission of supporting turfgrass research, Extension programming, and education at Purdue University.

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Breakout Sessions - Round 1

Breakout A

If Your Turf Looks Tired…Transform That Turf!!!!
Eric Draper, Assistant Professor, Ohio State University Extension

This session examines environmental, physiological and cultural factors that ultimately limit or enhance turfgrass health, growth and appearance. Once these essential and influential turf factors are understood, then we can modify or enhance the limiting factors to improve turfgrass performance. The session covers fertilizer applications to weed control, insects to diseases, because the end result is not only to create healthy, vibrant turf but to also become the “Go-To Turfgrass Specialist” for your customers and constituents.

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Breakout B

I Like Profit in My Pocket
Understanding Spray Equipment and Rates

Jerry DeBruyne, Grower Equipment

When spraying, why put your profit in the ground?  You don’t even know it! Topics covered are nozzle wear & proper sizing, Boomless spraying and filters

[No Presentation Materials Available]


Breakout C

Testing, Testing, 1-2-3
How Soil Tests will Change your Life
Dan Neilson, Bio-Green

The speaker will explain the importance of taking a true soil test and what to do with the results. You will learn how to properly use technology to create perfectly healthy lawns. Some soil tests are so vague and incomplete that they become a waste of time and money. This session will clear it all up.

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Breakout D

Organic Fertilizers...The Sweet Smell of Success!!!!
Kirk Carls, Nature Safe

With the ever growing concern from consumers about pesticide use on their lawn and in their food the use of organic fertilizers has been steadily growing both in the home and landscape areas along with organic agriculture. We will explore the different types of organic fertilizers, how including organic fertilizers into your business may help you differentiate yourself from your competition and also how organic fertilizers may help you grow your business.

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Breakout Session - Round 2
Breakout A

Your Peers Present
Norm Kleber- National Market Development Manager, Encap Professional Products, Tony Kacinas- Assistant Manager of Chalet's soil dept, Mark Opal- Rosborough Partners Turf Care Manager, and a member of a Local Park District

Encap Professional Products spent the past 10 months having your Peers in the Lawn Care, Sports Turf, Park District, Cemetery, & Golf Industry case studying a multitude of case studies.  You will hear the positives and maybe negatives of their findings.

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Breakout B

I have the Power!
Sneak peeks at the newest lawn care machines

Russo Power Equipment and Gravely Mowers

Let's have class outside today! Enjoy an informational session on the McGinley Terrace as you preview the newest in lawn care machines from Gravely. Learn how these new machines can save you time, money, and stress.

[No Presentation Materials Available]

Breakout C

Humic DG - The Future is Here!
Dave Loudit, The Anderson's

BEHOLD...the next generation of humic acid. As biological, dispersible, spreadable and blendable solutions, Humic DG is a high-quality humate coupled with dispersing granule technology to offer enhanced humate distribution.

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Breakout D

Good to the Last Drop: Water Efficient Irrigation Systems
Nathan Arendt and Chris Dimmick, Rainbird

This session will review water efficient means of irrigation focusing on: PRS (pressure regulation), Flow Management (water usage monitoring), Drip Line (inline emitter drip tubing) including out new XFCV product and LC pumps (turn-key ready to install pumps)

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Keynote #2
Weeds Indeed!
Aaron Hathaway, Michigan State University

Learn about the new, the old, the tried and true chemical and cultural control methods for the toughest weeds in turf. Join discussions about broadleaf and grassy weed ecology and its relationship with best management practices and control. Hear about the latest weed control research in turfgrass systems and how to put this information to use.

Aaron coordinates the field research for Ron Calhoun's Turfgrass Weed Management Program. He has the day-to-day responsibilites for overseeing the research plots for 30-40 trials per year. Aaron has worked with the MSU Turf Program since 1999. He has a B.S. from Spring Arbor University and a M.S. from Michigan State University. Aaron is a frequent guest lecturer in the 2- and 4-year turf program and a popular speaker for various green industry associations.

  • Attended Spring Arbor University from 1997 to 2001
  • English major
  • Math minor
  • Certified in Secondary Education
  • Worked during summers for Ron Calhoun at the Hancock Turfgrass Research Center from 1999 to 2002
  • Began Graduate School in fall of 2002 and finished with an M.S. in Crop and Soil Sciences
  • Began as Research Assistant for Ron Calhoun in spring of 2005
  • Specialize in Turfgrass Weed Control (Cultural and Chemical)

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Lunch on the scenic McGinley Terrace
Breakout Session - Round 3
Breakout A

What is New and How to Use It
Brian Winkel, Syngenta

What’s New with Syngenta and How to Use it

[No Presentation Materials Available]

Breakout B

Uncommon strategies for business owners: Finding Financial Balance.
John Shields, Guinn, Sheilds and Co. and Annette Hammortree, Hammortree Financial

In order to understand the effects of your financial decisions, streamline costs and plan for your future, you need an organized and integrated view of your financial decisions across your business and personal life. A view which will help you maximize protection, minimize cost and provide and impenetrable barrier to protect your business and your personal assets. Having an integrated view of your financial world give you control over your progress to meeting your business and personal wealth building goals. Through a fusion of unique planning philosophy and revolutionary technology The Living Balance Sheet® (LBS) will help you build wealth and protect your future. We understand that every financial decision you make has an impact on YOUR BUSINESS, YOUR LIFE. This session will show you how to find the balance.

[No Presentation Materials Available]


Breakout C

Nutrient Management and Pesticide Regulation: where are we today and what may be coming in the future?
Warren Goetsch, Illinois Department of Agriculture

Presentations during this session are intended to provide updates on current pesticide applicator/operator licensing requirements, agrichemical misuse cases, the DRIFTWATCH program, and the emerging issues associated with the development and implementation of a state nutrient management strategy.

[Download the Presentation Materials]


Breakout D

Think Outside the Bag
Rob Beres, Spring Valley Turf Products

PREVAIL fertilizers with N-LITE (a microbial based additive specifically developed to aid in fertilizer efficiency) allow applicators to use 33% less fertilizer and arrive at the same results. N-LITE allows more nutrients to work their way into the plants to greatly enhance root development with less fertilizer wasted to the environment. This allows commercial applicators to use less and waste less fertilizer while growing better turf and saving money.

[No Presentation Materials Available]



Conventional vs. PHC / IPM vs. Organic Turf Care; and What Exactly is Organic Turf Care???
Tom Tiddens, Chicago Botanic Garden

The Chicago Botanic Garden has managed its turf through a comprehensive Plant Health Care (PHC) program for many years with excellent results. Tom will review the Garden’s PHC program and compare to conventional turf care. Tom will also review how the Garden transitioned to all organic turf care for the 3.8 acre Regenstein Fruit and Vegetable Garden; and the organic turf program will be reviewed in detail.

[Download the Presentation Materials]

Closing Remarks
Complimentary tram ride tour through the Chicago Botanic Garden

Registration includes access to the Chicago Botanic Garden and free parking. Attendees are encouraged to arrive prior to the event or stay after to visit the CBG grounds.

  • ILCA, IPLCA, or Chicago Botanic Garden members = $90
  • Government, non-profit, municipal, park district, etc. rate = $100
  • Non-member fee (private companies) = $130.
Turf Education Day is for public and private lawn care professionals. Sessions with content that can be enjoyed by a government/municipal/park district audience are denoted with this symbol.
All sessions can be enjoyed by private sector lawn care professionals.


Download the 2013 Sponsorship Form

Online and Pre-Registration is now closed. If you are interested in attending Turf Education Day please register on site.

Online Registration
Paper-based Registration

Parking and Registration
When you arrive at the Botanic Garden, tell the parking attendant you are here for the Turf Education event at the Regenstein Center. That will get you past the gate for no charge. Park in any lot you wish. Proceed to the main building and follow the signage to the Regenstein Center. Registration will be at the Regenstein Center.

Registration opens at 7:30am and runs until 8:15am. There will be coffee service available during registration. If you require additional food or beverage at breakfast, the Chicago Botanic Garden has a snack bar on the grounds.

Chicago Botanic Garden Access
Registration includes access to the Chicago Botanic Garden and free parking. Attendees are encouraged to arrive prior to the event or stay after to visit the CBG grounds. Attendees may stay on the grounds as long as the Garden is open to the public.

Families/spouses can spend the day at the Garden at no cost as long as they arrive in the same car as the registrant. If they arrive in a different car, they will need to pay for parking. Admission to the Garden is free. All conference activities (including lunch) are only open to paid attendees.

Hotel Information for Guests and Families
Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel
$104/night for up to 4 people in the room (regular room rate is $155)
Includes free hot breakfast buffet for one guest.

The Hotel has a pool and a complimentary shuttle to anywhere within 4 miles of the hotel, including at no extra charge the family could come and stay with someone, get up, have breakfast, go to the pool, and then hop on the shuttle to the Garden and spend the afternoon walking around...for free. CBG doesn’t charge admission and the shuttle means families avoid the $20 parking fee.

The room block is for the evening of September 12 is under “Turf Care Day Event”.

There are numerous sponsorship levels available. Turf Education Day provides both vendor-neutral and vendor-oriented sessions.

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Contact Julie Nicoll at 630.472.2851 or by email





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