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Chicago Trees Initiative

Chicago Trees Initiative (CTI) is a city-wide, public-private effort to significantly expand the tree canopy in the City of Chicago over the next 30 years. This means many more trees will be planted in Chicago, which is already known for its green urban spaces. Every Chicago resident – and indeed, anyone who cares about trees has an important role to play. The goal invites all of us to be involved in planting and caring for trees on both public and private land.

ILCA is a partner agency in the CTI. We support the city of Chicago's initiative to plant and promote the importance of trees. Encouraging Chicagoans to plant trees will help landscape contractors in the area and growers across the state.

The Mission of the Chicago Trees Initiative is:
to inspire a social and civic movement that will involve all of us in meeting the goal of expanding Chicago’s tree canopy. Succeeding will require the collaboration of many partners, including:

  • Community-based and non-profit groups
  • City, state and federal agencies
  • Developers, architects and urban planners
  • Professional organizations in the green industry
  • Private-property owners
  • All Chicagoans

Chicago Trees Initiative will:

  • Plant more trees
  • Improve tree maintenance and conservation
  • Educate and empower urban forest stewards
  • Advocate for tree funding and protection
  • Help implement Chicago’s Urban Forest Agenda 2009

The City of Chicago will do its part but as the city’s urban forest expands, so does the cost of upkeep. You or your employer can help plant and maintain trees by contributing to the “Urbs in Horto” tree fund, administered by the Chicago Community Trust ( Also, Chicago Park District’s Green Deed Tree Dedication Program allows you to have a tree planted in the park of your choice (

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