Landscape Industry Certified and the Certified Landscape Technician – Exterior (CLT-E)

More than qualified… certified!

Show current and future employers you have the initiative to take charge of your professional development and career through certification. Show current and future clients you have the expertise to get the job done right.


What is Certification?

It is a voluntary, national, hands-on testing program administered by the Illinois Landscape Contractors Associations (ILCA) that seeks to recognize proficiency in the landscape workforce and upgrade the status of the landscape professional. Certification recognizes those landscape technicians who demonstrate they can meet strict performance and safety standards in installation or maintenance modules.


What does the test include?

The test is comprised of written and hands-on field tests. ILCA offers applicants a choice of two specialized modules, Installation or Maintenance.

Part 1 – Common Core– everyone must complete these basic landscape knowledge/skills which include three written exams and nine field exams.

Part 2 – Specialized Modules – applicants select a module to match their job skills.


CLT Facts – Did you know: (results taken from the “State of the CLT” survey)

  • There are approximately 350 certified professionals in Illinois. Illinois has the 3rd highest number of CLTs behind California and Colorado.
  • 6% of CLTs earned a salary increase for passing the CLT exam (4.37% mean salary increase); 37.8% received a non-monetary award, reward, or recognition; 52.2% were either encouraged or required by their employers to apply
  • Within the industry, how is your CLT perceived? 56.5% of CLTs responded the perception of them as professionals is “Above Average to Excellent.”

Want to learn more? Contact Julie Nicoll (jnicoll@ilca.net) for further information about Certification.