Digital Design Workshops


Workshop I: March 25-26, 2019
Using SketchUp and Lumion for Digital Design and Visualization
Join nationally recognized expert, trainer, and author Daniel Tal


Day 1 – Basics
We will cover the basics of Sketch Up for anyone just getting started or needing a refresher. Topics covered include navigation, selections tool, basic modeling, importing a site plan, modeling simple walls and steps. We will also do an introduction of extensions, automated modeling and other tools to assist your design. Finally, we will learn how to go from CAD to Sketch Up, do a demonstration of tools and extensions and then show you how drone technology is enhancing landscape design.


Day 2 – Grading & Rendering
Now that you are familiar with some basic functions of Sketch Up, we will go over the basic Lumion rendering with Sketch Up. We’ll introduce you to site grading in the morning, then spend the afternoon learning about digital elevation modeling, Sketch Up graphics, animations and when to ask for help in doing 3D modeling.


Workshop II: March 27-28, 2019
Intermediate to Advanced Site Modeling and Grading + Drones and 3D Visualization
Join the founder and principal of Chinook Landscape Architecture, Jon Altschuld


Day 3 – Intermediate to Advanced Site Modeling & Grading
In the second part of our workshop, we will discuss and practice digital elevation modeling, provide a review of how to install extensions and how they work. We will conclude the day with a review of the CAD to Sketch Up process and then start talking about the overall premise of using drone technology, what’s possible when using it and an overview to the workflow.


Day 4 – Drones and 3D Viz
Are you ready for this? Let’s talk all things drones! We will discuss what they are being used for and what is possible. You will learn the various tiers of drone use, the costs, and the requirements needed to operate them. We will introduce you to photogrammetry and why it matters for drones and landscape designers and architects. After a presentation covering the detailed steps within the process, attendees will head outside (weather permitting) and get hands on!

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You can attend 1 two-day workshop for $1,000 or both workshops for $2,000.

Northern Illinois University – Naperville

1120 E. Diehl Road, Naperville IL 60563


Daniel Tal


Jon Altschuld