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2016 Foremanship Seminar
Mastering Foremanship
Presented once in English and once in Spanish
(this class has sold out every time it has been offered)


This workshop offers complete foremanship training. The class is taught by an instructor with decades of experience working with the landscape industry.

Foremen have to walk the fine line in working side by side employees while having to direct, motivate and critique them at the same time.

In this dynamic seminar, foremen learn how to more effectively handle tight deadlines, tight margins and increase customer satisfaction.

How the customer perceives the foreman’s crew is fundamental to the success of a contractor’s business!

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Dates and Location
Fox Run Golf Links
333 Plum Grove Rd.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

March 3, 2016 - Spanish-language class
March 4, 2016 - English language class
Registration opens at 8am. Class is from 8:30am-4:00pm (both days)

Cost and Registration

The fee is $125 per student. The cost covers the program, beverage breaks, and student materials. Mastering Foremanship is limited to 50 participants.

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About the Program

Production and maintenance landscape foremen have unique needs as they have to wear two hats: a worker and a leader.  Foremen have to walk the fine line in working side by side with the employee and having to direct, motivate and critique at the same time. Managing former peers and friends can be especially difficult, dealing with problems and obstacles can take skills that only can be developed by stepping out of the work environment for a few days, learning best practices, applying it in a learning environment through role play, and then going back and applying it on the job.

In this dynamic seminar you learn how to more effectively handle tight deadlines, tight margins and increase customer satisfaction. Also, participants will be energized when they see the class was prepared and designed specifically to meet their unique needs and not just another cookie cutter seminar.

Landscape Foremen Learn

  • The central role of the “worker-leader”
  • How to properly supervise friends, peers, and former equals
  • How to effectively communicate with your boss and superiors
  • To generate 100 percent accountability from your team
  • How to motivate and delegate at the same time
  • To require accountability for all work (both bad or good)
  • How to implement and follow daily & weekly work schedules
  • How his team can produce quality work that stays within the budget and is completed on time
  • The effectiveness of the work team
  • How to deal with challenges and personal problems that occur outside the workplace that impact productivity
  • To manage problem behavior
  • How to produce client focused work using a moral compass
  • To understand that mannerisms and values are as important as technical abilities

About the Instructor

Professor Armando A. Actis
Professor Actis provides inside sales management & knowledge, public relation, training and his education experience with the landscaping & construction industry at Rendel’s Inc. He is Sales Department, Training & Project Manger at the Joliet Branch. He also provides end user operation, application and maintenance training. He trains anyone from the casual user to the professionals in OSHA, safe & correct usage of landscaping and construction equipment. He is also Equipment Manager for ILCA’s (Illinois Landscaping & Construction Association) CLT section & judge for the Certified Landscaping Technician final exams at Joliet Junior College.

His education credentials include a New Jersey Teaching Certificate, B.A. in English, minor in Spanish, M. A. in Education and an Honorary Doctorate from the Universidad de Buenos. Aires, where he taught English. He presently teaches English & Spanish at College of Dupage. Additionally he is a Motorcycle Instructor for Northern Illinois University and University of Illinois.

His mechanical credential includes riding/repairing 2/4-cycle motorcycles since he was 9, racing them in motor cross races for years and building/repairing Harley-Davidson engines for over 30 years. He has been using Stihl chain saws since he was 15 and as a manager for a New Jersey construction company he taught OSHA Safety Usage & technical courses.

He has taught at high school and college levels and in multinational companies. While in South America he worked for Chemical Bank and Mobil Oil and his responsibilities included organizing/supervising English, Spanish, computer classes and teachers; updating foreign staff on economy, finance and political matters in South America and providing direct assistance to country managers.

His hobby still includes repairing & restoring antique cars and motorcycles, besides playing the trombone and piano. His personal possessions include a 1938 Harley-Davidson 1200cc Flathead, a 1956 Chevrolet 2 door Coupe and a 1976 Corvette Stingray.

License the Workshop

We had the pleasure of offering the Illinois Landscape Contractors Association (ILCA) Foremanship Training to the Michigan Green Industry Association in March. Speaker, Professor Armando Actis did a fabulous job utilizing his ‘real world’ experience as an industry professional and put it into words that could be used in everyday business. His message was strong! He not only educated the audience, he motivated, energized and inspired them. Our first class in English sold out and we immediately scheduled another! Thank you ILCA!

Diane Andrews, Executive Director, Michigan Green Industry Association (MGIA)


Licensing the workshop may be more cost effective for groups, non-profit associations, and companies looking to train more than 15 people at one time. ILCA brings the workshop to you for a licensing fee plus instructor honorarium. The instructor will travel outside of the state.

ILCA provides all the materials necessary for putting on the workshop. You host the workshop at a venue of your choice and coordinate with the instructor directly. You are free to charge your own fee and retain all the proceeds.

Download the licensing agreement for more information.

Mastering Foremanship Licensing Agreement


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