Field Staff Skills Training


Save the dates! March 14-15, 2019

Registration coming soon!

Field Staff Skills Training is a 2-day seminar for English and Spanish-speaking field staff, foremen, supervisors, and grounds managers. The seminar covers skills that everyone needs to know.  Make sure your employees are prepared for the busy landscape season and have them attend Field Staff Skills Training!


5 Math Rules and Plan Reading

Learn five basic math rules including calculating square feet, square yards, cubic feet, cubic yards and tons. Understand how to read a design print or plan. Gain an understanding of tools used in the field, interpreting the plant list or legend, types of measurements used on the print and commons problems in the plant layout.


First Aid / Safety / Accident / Incident Reporting

Understand why safety is important on and off the job site. Review of OSHA standards, the Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators (JULIE), Material Data Safety Sheets, Personal Protective equipment, and what to do if there is an accident on-site.



Learn how to identify various instruments used, how to properly set up and disassemble instruments, and know what shooting grades and rod readings are. Finally, learn how to record measurements and interpret them into the job site.


Plant & Shrub ID

Learn about the common and unique plants and shrubs popular in the region and in residential and commercial landscapes. Understand characteristics to help identify the species and type of plant so that proper care may be taken during installation and maintenance.


Planting & Pruning

Acquire the knowledge in proper planting techniques and basic pruning of trees and shrubs.


Irrigation Components / Controller / Lateral Repair / Head Adjustment

Recognize common irrigation components, the types of controllers and how to maintain an irrigation system.


General Etiquette & Customer Service

Understand the system of rules and conventions that regulate social and professional behavior, how to deliver good customer service and what the circle of communication is.


Maintenance in Container Gardening

Container gardening is a hot topic!  With the right plants and some planning, your containers will look spectacular from the beginning of the season. You can create visual beauty that customers will desire all season long.


Proper Cultural Practices: Mowing, Watering, Thatch Control & Fertilization

Review the proper way to mow cool-season grasses along with correct watering practices and the importance of core aeration to the overall health of the lawn.  There will also be an explanation of fertilization and how much should be applied per year.


Permeable Construction

Permeable paver construction is a mixture of old and new techniques. These systems are exploding in popularity as more homeowners are expected to mitigate their stormwater issues onsite. Field staff must understand the unique excavation, installation, and maintenance requirements so that these systems perform as specified.

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