Foremanship Seminar


Spring dates:

February 24, 2022 – Spanish
February 25, 2022 – English


Production and maintenance landscape foremen have unique needs as they have to wear two hats: a
worker and a leader. Foremen have to walk the fine line in working side by side with the employee and
having to direct, motivate and critique at the same time. Managing former peers and friends can be
especially difficult, dealing with problems and obstacles can take skills that can only be developed by
stepping out of the work environment for a few days, learning best practices, applying it in a learning
environment through role play, and then going back and applying it on the job.








Instructor: Armando Actis – College of DuPage



Course Overview:

  • True Leaders (Building your leadership skills)
  • The Landscape Foreman as a Leader & Worker
  • Effective Delegation
  • Planning & Scheduling for Quality & Profits
  • Effective Communication Skills for The Worker-Leader
  •  The Customer Centered Crew

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