Foremanship Seminar




Fox Run Golf Links

333 Plum Grove Road, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007


Landscape Foremen Learn:

  • The central role of the “worker-leader”
  • How to properly supervise friends, peers, and former equals
  • How to effectively communicate with your boss and superiors
  • To generate 100 percent accountability from your team
  • How to motivate and delegate at the same time
  • To require accountability for all work (both bad or good)
  • How to implement and follow daily & weekly work schedules
  • How your team can produce quality work that stays within the budget and is completed on time
  • The effectiveness of the work team
  • How to deal with challenges and personal problems that occur outside the workplace that impact productivity
  • To manage problem behavior
  • How to produce client focused work using a moral compass
  • To understand that mannerisms and values are as important as technical abilities

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Workshop Licensing Agreement

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