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Hints on Selecting a Landscape Contractor

The Illinois Landscape Contractors Association provides a brochure and listing of landscape contractors as a service to consumers seeking landscape services. Categories include type of project - commercial, residential and/or public works; type of work - design/build, construction, maintenance, interiorscape, arborist, and irrigation.  Contractors may also be searched by company name or city.

ILCA does not guarantee nor assume responsibility for the work of its members.

  • Before contracting for landscape (or any) work, ask for references, go look at the work, follow up and talk with the owners to ensure their satisfaction with the business relationship.
  • Get the contract, guarantees/warranties in writing.
  • Ask if they carry insurances for general liability, vehicles, workers compensation, and unemployment.  Under certain circumstances the owner could be liable for accidents occurring on his/her property if the contractor is not insured.
  • Do they have the appropriate local business licenses? A state Nursery Dealer's Certificate(required for anyone handling nursery stock)? A pesticide applicators license for pesticide spraying?
  • Is their equipment well maintained? Are their vehicles clean? Are their workers neat in appearance?
  • Be absolutely clear about the terms of payment and the date of completion.
  • Make certain the company office address and phone number are on the document/contract and know the name of the representative or designer who worked with you.

Landscaping is an investment in your property; it will add to the value and between 100 and 200% of the cost can be recovered at sale. Following these tips will make the experience of beautifying your property enjoyable and successful.

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