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If you wish to include "Satellite Locations" to the company description, a fee of $115 will be charged for each added address. These "added location(s)" will each receive a subscription to The Landscape Contractor magazine and all ILCA mailings (similar to a Class C employer membership). A copy of the new directory will also be available upon request. Note: If the "added location" has a different business name, a separate membership is required.

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Membership Classifications

Prorated Cost:

Contractor (Class A) - $395: An Illinois for-profit firm engaged in the business of installing or maintaining plant materials or providing construction for the aesthetic improvement of a building or area.

Supplier (Class B) - $495: Any firm engaged in supplying materials, equipment or consultation needed by the landscape industry.

Individual (Class C) - $115: Employees of member firms or freelance landscape architects/designers.

Out-of-State (Class D) - $395: An out-of-state for-profit firm engaged in the business of installing or maintaining plant materials or providing construction for the aesthetic improvement of a building area.

Educator (Class E) - $115: Educators, researchers and retired members.

Student (Class F) - $95: Full time students carrying 12 or more hours.

Government/Non-Profit (Class G) - $395: Firms engaged in providing landscape architecture, design, independent grounds management, golf courses, governmental agencies, hospitals, cemeteries, not-for-profit associations, etc.

Landscape Architechture or Design Firm (Class I) - $395: Any firm engaged in landscape architecture or design services.

Satellite/Branch Office (Class S) - $115: Satellite / branch offices of member companies.

Class A members who subcontract or provide products/services to other landscape contractors may be listed in the Buyer's Guide under the appropriate category(ies) for a fee of $50, payable no later than June 30.

Please enter below the products and/or services your company provides to other landscape contractors. These categories will be used for your listing in the Buyer's Guide

  • MEMBERSHIP YEAR is from July I through June 30. You must join for a full year. Dues are prorated for new members on the first renewal invoice.
  • MAGAZINE The Landscape Contractor Magazine one-year subscription price of $65 is included in membership dues and the subscription price may not be deducted from dues.
  • STUDENTS must be full time and include school name and proof of enrollment with this application. They must also provide documentation from department head verifying that the student does not own a landscaping business.
  • TAX STATEMENT: ILCA membership dues are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal tax purposes, but may be deductible as a business expense, however, due to legislative activity, 8% is not deductible.


PAC Contribution (suggested $100)
ILCECO Scholarship (suggested $100)
English-Spanish Language Tutorial
($10 each)
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