Owners & Senior Managers Conference

Owners & Senior Managers Conference

ILCA is pleased to announce the Owners & Senior Managers Conference! Check back for the dates!
This *new* event is for company owners and senior managers who are eager to find out if you are steering your company in a successful direction and focus on your company’s future. We will take care of all the details, so that you can disengage and recharge your batteries!

About Joe Abraham

We are pleased to announce the program’s facilitator Joe Abraham. Joe is a speaker, businessman, and the author of the book Entrepreneurial DNA. He was handpicked by the ILCA Board of Directors because he understands the constraints of the landscape industry and what strong businesses need to thrive. Please watch the video below for a brief introduction to Joe:

The Abbey Resort

269 Fontana Boulevard
Fontana, WI 53125

The Abbey Resort lures groups of every size and agenda with a carefree, inspiring atmosphere and comfortable, relaxing amenities. The resort’s surroundings provide an ideal setting for groups to connect with one another while achieving their objectives and goals.

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Reigstration is limited to ILCA members only. If you are interested in joining please visit https://www.ilca.net/professional/about-membership/

If you are a member and need help with your company login credentials, please email anagy@ilca.net

Want to Learn More?

Contact AnneMarie Drufke (adrufke@ilca.net) for further information about the Owners & Senior Managers Conference.