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ILCA Political Action Committee (PAC)

Politics are not about power. Politics are about servitude. As a voter, small business owner, and ILCA member you have the power in the equation. As an individual, your voice is quiet. When you intermingle your voice with other landscape contractors and suppliers, Springfield and Washington listen. ILCA legitimizes and adds volume to your voice.

Political action is not free. Vigilance has its costs. To offset and equally distribute those costs, ILCA has a Political Action Committee (PAC).

A PAC is not blood money. PACs were created to avoid the graft and kickbacks that polluted politics for decades. PACs are a legal and transparent way for ILCA to support issues and candidates that mean well for the green industry.

A PAC is preventative medicine. A small donation to a PAC can prevent massive costs involved with fighting unfair legislation in the courts coupled with the inevitable loss of business.

PACs are not about dollars and cents. PACs demonstrate how willing professionals are to come to the aid of their industry. A healthy PAC symbolizes a healthy industry that demands attention and respect.

Small, medium, and large donations help. Set aside funds each year to support the green industry by contributing to the ILCA PAC. It's your industry. Make sure the government knows that.

[Download the PAC Contribution Form]


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