“Small landscape contracting businesses have a lot in common. We have a one-ton dump truck. We have a trailer loaded with the best power equipment that we can afford. Membership in ILCA helps set us apart from the competition. Networking events provide us the opportunity to forge and solidify relationships with vendors and contemporaries. Educational events keep us abreast of best practices and emerging industry trends. Whether you are chasing the mower, supervising the crew, managing the office, or doing it all, membership in the ILCA is a necessity. It is for us!”


– Matt Dingeldein, The Oak Grove Gardeners, Naperville, IL

“Mariani Landscape has been a member of ILCA since 1975. Our company goals and values and the desire to raise the image of the green industry goes hand in hand with what ILCA does each and every day. ILCA is a great source for education at a great value.”


– Frank Mariani, Mariani Landscape, Lake Bluff, IL

“As I became involved in the landscape industry, I found out how much I needed to learn, as well as to be competitive with large scale companies. I knew, I needed help. So, I became a member of ILCA. I got involved with committees. By being involved, I surrounded myself with knowledgeable people. Not only did I build my level of knowledge, but also my confidence. It’s a great opportunity! Join the ILCA!”


“Cuando me vi envuelto en el servicio de jardineria, me encontre con la sorpresa, lo mucho que tenia que aprender, tambien para poder competir con otras companias  mas avanzadas,  me di cuenta que necesitaba ayuda. Me hize  miembro del ILCA, fui a los mas seminarios que pude ateender! me involucre con otros commitees, y pase a ser directivo, al involucrarme, me rodie de personas con preparacion y sabiduria, y eso  me levanto mi nivel de conocimientos y confidencia!


Una Buena oportunidad! Unette al ILCA….”


– Ed Gomez, Red Oaks Landscape Contractors, Hampshire, IL

“Everyone is looking for the best R.O.I. these days and ILCA is the answer! ILCA’s education, professionalism, safety programs, and legislative advocacy offer the greatest return for our industry. Thank you ILCA!!!”


– Eric Adams, Russo Power Equipment, Schiller Park, IL