Turf Education Day


Turf Education Day – September 27, 2018

Join us for the 10th Anniversary of Turf Education Day!

Lawn care is a big part of many of our businesses and organizations. Whether you choose to subcontract some of those services, or provide them in-house, it is critical to your profitability and customers’ satisfaction to stay informed about the latest turf care products and practices. This annual day of training and education is for any professional who cares for and looks after turf.

7:30am-8:30am REGISTRATION

8:45am-9:30am KEYNOTE

Lawn Fertilization Fundamentals
Doug Soldat, University of Wisconsin
Session Sponsored By: Russo Power Equipment
There is no shortage of opinions and options when it comes to lawn fertilization. In this seminar, we will take a look at what the science and research has to say about how to best fertilize a lawn to maximize form and function without harming the environment or your bottom line.

9:40am-10:30am BREAKOUT 1 SESSIONS

What’s in My Fertilizer Bag and What’s it Doing for Me?
Chuck Darrah, CLC Labs
Session Sponsored By: EC Grow
From quick release to slow release nitrogen sources, from MAP to DAP to TSP and from MOP to SOP, do you know what’s in your fertilizer bag? You’ll learn some of the key characteristics of the most common N-P-K sources and they impact the plants in your landscapes. We’ll review how that bag of fertilizer is formulated and also how much filler you may be paying for!

Stand on Aerator Assault!
Multiple Speakers
Stand on Aerators are taking the industry by storm and with good reason. Their increased productivity and ability to provide good results in tough condition make them a wise choice. But which brand should you consider? During this session, representatives from Toro, Turfco and Ryan will review the features and benefits of their machines giving you a unique opportunity to learn about some of the leading brands in one convenient place. (Machines will be on display during lunch.)

Understanding the Environmental Impact of Landscape Maintenance
Doug Soldat, University of Wisconsin
Session Sponsored By: Lurvey Landscape Supply
This presentation will cover the science, perception, and reality of the environmental impact of landscape maintenance. Will phosphorus fertilizers bans improve water quality? Is phosphorus needed at all? We will discuss how to minimize nitrogen losses and discuss the importance of soil quality for healthy landscapes and environmental protection.

10:40am-11:30am BREAKOUT 2 SESSIONS

Pesticide/Lawn Care Programs Regulatory Update
Doug Owens, Illinois Department of Agriculture
Attendees will get the latest info on the new pesticide licensing requirements, learn about containment requirements for lawn care facilities and get an update on the increased scrutiny over Dicamba use.

Ride On Spread/Spray Round Up
Multiple Speakers
These machines have become a critical component of lawn care and they continue to evolve with new features and improvements every year. This session will give you the opportunity to learn about the latest features from 3 of the leading brands – Turfco, Permagreen and Z-Spray – all in one place. Come learn what’s new and get all of your questions answered before you make your next buying decision! (Machines will be on display during lunch.)

Assessing Soil Nutrients to Maximize Turf Performance and Minimize Environmental Impacts and Costs
Chuck Darrah, CLC Labs
The perception of adverse environmental impacts from fertilizer use in urban landscapes is causing nutrient use restrictions in many parts of the U.S. These regulations are leading to unintended consequences in lawn quality and in some cases greater adverse environmental impacts. Learn how nitrogen and phosphorus behave in landscape soils. Also, learn the 4R Principles of Nutrient Management and the importance of soil testing in the urban environment to maximize turf performance while minimizing environmental impacts and costs.

11:30am-1:00pm LUNCH

1:00pm-1:50pm KEYNOTE

Fall Turfgrass Management Strategies
Kevin Frank, Michigan State University, Dept. Plant Soil & Microbial Services
Fall is not the time to rest when it comes to prepping your turf for success next year. This presentation will discuss the optimum application strategies for fall fertilization and weed control.

2:00pm-2:50pm BREAKOUT 3 SESSIONS

Can Your Company Deal With A Pesticide Spill?
Fred Whitford, Purdue Pesticide Programs/Lily Hall of Life Sciences
The worst time to “learn” how to deal with a pesticide spill from a truck is at the time of the accident. In this interactive presentation, attendees will be stepping into an emergency situation: a mock pesticide spill with an injured person. Equipping your truck to deal with a spill, educating your employees on what steps to take, and knowing who to call in the event of a pesticide spill are essential when trying to reduce the negative impacts associated with these types of accidents. Attendees will address all of these situations and review whether these types of accidents are covered by insurance policies. Finally, common sense preventative and reactive approaches will be discussed during the session.

Biology and Management of White Grubs
Dr. R. Chris Williamson, PBI-Gordon Corporation
This presentation will provide an overview of the biology (behavior, ecology, life cycle, etc.) of various white grub species in the Great Lakes Region. This presentation will also provide management options for these important white grub species.

Sedge and Poa Annua Control
Michael Johnson, FMC Professional Solutions
Attendees will learn growth habits of Sedges and Poa annua, how to properly identify both species, and effective weed control and management practices.

3:00pm-4:00pm KEYNOTE

There’s an App for That
Dr. Aaron Patton, Purdue University
Can your phone help you be a better turf manager? Several apps are available to help with the diagnosis of turf pest problems. In this session, we’ll review the apps available and cover the use of smartphones and how they can help you better manage turf.


Join us to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of TED.

The reception will feature hors d’oeuvres and beverages!

Want to learn more? Contact AnneMarie Drufke (adrufke@ilca.net) for further information about Turf Education Day.

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