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Topics: All things about seed, natural lawn care products, calibration, micronutrients, best management practices, ball field renovation, updates from the Department of Agriculture, aeration, fungicides, sequential application and timing of them, Zoysia


Speakers: Dr. Ross Braun, Purdue University; Dr. Aaron Patton, Purdue University; Rusty Stachlewitz, Advanced Turf Solutions; Joseph Marchinchin, TurfCare; Luke Cella, Midwest Association for Golf Course Superintendents; Keith Gorzyka, Morton Grove Park District; Craig Shepard, Advanced Turf Solutions; Bruce Branham, University of Illinois

Below are the sessions and speakers. 

Case Studies: Diagnosing Problems That Appear to be Herbicide Related
Dr. Aaron Patton, Purdue University
What’s the problem here? This presentation on diagnosing turf problems will use six real world case studies to help participants improve their diagnostic skills. Is the problem a pest? Is it related to the environment (heat, cold, drought, etc.)? Or, is it manmade? Participants will learn the five steps in the diagnostic process and help solve baffling mysteries.




Controlling Creeping Bentgrass in Lawns
Bruce Branham, University of Illinois 
We will show how various treatments can control creeping bentgrass in turf grasses typically used in lawns such as tall fescue and Kentucky bluegrass. We’ll discuss treatment timing and the importance of adequate nitrogen to ensure that the remaining turf grasses rapidly fill in the voids left from dead creeping bentgrass.




Joseph Marchinchin, TurfCare 
A review of the roles micronutrients in plant biology, including how to spot micronutrient deficiencies in plants, and what ideal micronutrient levels should be in an ideal soil (including how to read and interpret a soil test).





Busting Weed Control Myths
Dr. Ross Braun, Purdue University
Control products and spray methods, and mowing timing around application that you may have heard or even implemented at one time or another. Ross Braun, Ph.D., Purdue University, will present on a wide range of topics that includes “natural” or “organic” weed control options, mowing timing surrounding a post emergence herbicide application, low-spray carrier vs. high spray carrier volumes, and more. Some weed control myths will be busted based on recent research that has been conducted over the last several years at Purdue University and Kansas State University.



Complete Ball Field Renovation
Keith Gorczyca, Morton Grove Park District 
Do your infields hold water? After a rain event are the ducks playing before any of your leagues? If so then this is the session for you. We will take an in depth look at all the steps involved in renovating an infield that holds water. Afterwards, you’ll be equipped with all the knowledge required to get your leagues up and running ahead of the ducks.




Healthy Soils, Healthy Turf: Soil Compaction and Aeration
Eric Mosley, SoilTech 
This presentation will be about getting a better understanding of what soil compaction is, why it happens, and how it’s important to the health of your customer’s lawn. Much of lawn care today is more focused on treating the turf and less on what the turf is growing in, the soil. If the soil is healthy, then it allows the turf to be healthy, needing less inputs and effort on your part. One of the major issues with soil health is compaction. We will discuss what soil compaction is, why it happens, and the effects it has on the health and appearance of the turf. Lastly, we will talk about what needs to be done to fix soil compaction and the tools at your disposal; from mechanical aeration, soil amendments, to “liquid aeration”, and we’ll bust a few myths along the way.


Canada Thistle: Not Your Average Weed
Dr. Aaron Patton, Purdue University 
Why are some weeds so hard to kill? The answer is slightly different for each weed but Canada thistle is among the most noxious of weeds. Learn more about the biology, distribution, and control of Canada thistle. This presentation will provide detailed information on the weed itself as well as cultural and chemical control strategies.




Joseph Marchinchin, TurfCare 
A comprehensive look at science behind the role of carbon in plant-soil systems, and a review of the efficacy of carbon-based products (humic acid, fulvic acid, biosolids, manure, compost, biochar, etc.) This presentation teaches which Carbon-based substance are valuable in plant-soil systems, and which aren’t, so that anyone can quickly sort through the myriad of carbon-based products in the market and find the ones of most value to them.




What Are Fine Fescues And How Can You Use Them?
Dr. Ross Braun, Purdue University 
Fine fescues comprise of a group of five cool-season grasses (strong creeping red fescue, slender creeping red fescue, Chewings fescue, hard fescue, and sheep fescue). These grasses can be used in many different turf grass systems. Ross Braun, Ph.D., Purdue University, will present on the differences in growth, establishment, management, utilization, stress and pest tolerance among fine fescue grasses so you can better establish and manage these low-input grasses.



Adapting the Process of Creating BMPs for Golf to the Lawn Care Industry
Luke Cella, Midwest Area Golf Course Superintendents
Attendees will learn the reasons why BMPs are important for the industry both now and in the future. Luke Cella will cover the steps the golf industry used to create BMPs for local use through a nationwide movement to establish standards for the whole industry to share. He will explain the reasoning behind the program, its implementation and while sharing what it takes to accomplish BMPs and implement their use throughout Illinois.



Advances in Grass Seed and Grasses
Rusty Stachlewitz, Advanced Turf Solutions
This session will cover recent advances in widely used grasses such as Perennial Ryegrass, Kentucky Bluegrass and Tall Fescue as well as seed treatments and coatings.






Diseases & Fungicides for Turf 
Craig Shepherd, Advanced Turf Solutions
Join Craig, as he goes through a brief history of turf disease, where it started and where we are now. He will examine ideas and cures for treating common diseases. And also share updates to common fungicides used in managing turf disease.






Regulatory Updates and Issues
Doug Owens, Illinois Department of Agriculture
Join the Bureau Chief of Environmental Programs, Doug Owens, as he provides a review of the Lawn Care Act, common misuse processes and issues they have seen so far this year, and how the Department has responded and adjusted their programs to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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